English speakers are welcome to the Alliance-Grenoble pharmacy.


English speakers and foreign newcomers are welcome to the Alliance-Grenoble pharmacy.

It is not easy to find English speaking pharmacists and doctors in Grenoble.

However, at the Alliance pharmacy, located at 68 rue des alliés, Grenoble, most of the team members speak English, but one of us, Dr Caroline de Montille, speaks it fluently as she lived in England for almost 10 years.

Indeed, if you need specific advice, ask Dr Caroline de Montille and she will be happy to help you all throughout your treatment.

Our services include

Advice and support on parenthood, babies and children


The pharmacy is specialised in the field of parenting and infants. We are IPhAN certified. So if you are a parent or pregnant, our team and Caroline can help you.

If you need advice on breastfeeding or other concerns about children, you are at the right place!

Find a doctor in Grenoble, we have a medical teleconsultation cabin


As you might have noticed, it can be very difficult to get a medical appointment in Grenoble.

We can facilitate an appointment with a doctor thanks to our medical teleconsultation cabin. Usually, you can expect to speak to a doctor in less than 20 minutes. A prescription can be given to you if needed and the medication will be delivered to you at the pharmacy accordingly .

If you have a French health insurance card, the service is covered. Please, bring your "Card Vitale" or your temporary national insurance number, a mobile phone and your credit card to use the service. Otherwise it will costs you 25€ ( price pf a standard medical consultation).

Micronutrition and natural medicine


We have a wide range of micro-nutrition, phytotherapy and homeopathy products and specialise in this area. If you are looking for natural alternatives, Caroline and the team will be happy to advise you. 

Covid and flu testing


We carry out Covid and flu tests. If you have social security rights and have received your COVID vaccinations, this service will be covered by the french national social security. Otherwise, it will be charged 20€.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
8:30am - 7:00pm non-stop

9:00am - 12:30am / 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Access to the pharmacy
There is a free car park closed to the pharmacy. The entrance of the car park is next the the gas station on Stalingrad street

Bus C1 (Eugène Sue Stop) et C5 (Stalingrad Alliés Stop)

Access for people with reduced mobility

Phone : +33 4 76 09 22 24
E-mail: pharmacie@pharmacie-alliance.fr